Congratulations to me

starrchris - 2024-06-15 15:33:57


Dear friend it's lovely to be writing another amazing content on the platform, today I'm not just writing any sort of content but I am writing out of happiness that I have successfully graduated from the one year program that is necessary for every citizen of the country Nigeria. Although it was quite a stressful one but at the end of everything I give God the glory for a successful program without any injury or any bad report.

###### when I felt like giving up

In my country Nigeria every citizen who graduate from any tertiary institution is required to run a 1-year free service program for the country, doing this one year the citizen would be deployed to a different state to help serve the people of that state and relate to them properly.

According to the Federal government of Nigeria the program is to help strengthen the unity and also improve the workability and skills of its citizen to make them qualified individuals of the society. The certificate gotten from this program is very important to every citizen of the country this is because before you run any official program or job in the country this certificate gives the individual and advantage over other candidates applying for that job.

This program is usually eligible to individuals who graduated successfully graduated from tertiary institution no matter the location and is at least 29 years of age, lucky for me I was eligible and I ran the program. It was so stressful at first coping in a new environment but at the end I adapted and I conquered every obstruction that would have heard me performing my service duty to my nation.

###### on our pop, we are all happy

The program is usually started by a 3 week camping exercise where all eligible individual for that section come together in a camp which is located in all 36 state in the country, during the 3 weeks camping program, all individuals in the camp go through military training and social training that would help them survive in any location they find their self and also it will help them communicate easily we citizens of every committee they visit.

After this 3 weeks program we would be dispatched into different organizations and different communities in the state this is to help us improve our experience in different organizations and also get the good working relationship with the community we are working with. Luckily for me I was posted in a very lovely environment and the organization I work with also treated me well and I'm really grateful for the experience and opportunity the country gave to me to improve my experience.

###### On result collection day the venue was filled with a lot of Corpers

Although the Federal government fund every participant (called corpers) with a sum of 30,000 naira every month which is equivalent to roughly 28 dollars. Although the money is quite small but it is given to us support us with anything we have to make life better for the corpers who are serving in this locations.

Once a week every active participant report to their LGI for their weekly clearance, this is to ensure that everyone who applied for this program is actively participating in the program to help the nation become a better and a more unified one for the betterment of everyone.

During this experience I must say I learned a lot of skills especially technical skills like system maintenance some data analytics skills and also software development skills, this is because I was posted to work with this expert in this field.


Also another thing I enjoyed was the friendship and relationship I got during this one year experience I must say I met a lot of friends who made me happy and made me realize there are more to Life than just stay indoors.