Trezor launches Safe 5 crypto hardware wallet, including a bitcoin-only version

sk915 - 2024-06-15 02:07:42

Trezor, a renowned crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, has launched three new products: the Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet, a bitcoin-only version, and the "Trezor Expert" onboarding service. These products are designed to promote self-custody of digital assets and provide users with a secure platform to store, manage, stake, and utilize thousands of cryptocurrencies via the Trezor Suite desktop and mobile app.

Key Features of Trezor Safe 5

  • Secure Element: The device features a new secure element designed to protect sensitive information and perform cryptographic operations, with an EAL 6+ certification indicating resistance to sophisticated attacks.

  • Color Touchscreen: The device boasts a larger color touchscreen with haptic feedback for enhanced user experience.

  • Improved Backup Process: The new backup process allows users to upgrade from a standard single-share backup to a more advanced multi-share backup using Shamir's secret sharing, enhancing security by eliminating a single point of failure.

  • Open-Source Design: Unlike competing manufacturer Ledger, Trezor devices are open-source, allowing for faster detection and rectification of vulnerabilities. However, this could also make devices more susceptible to hacking if stolen.

Additional Features and Services

  • Trezor Expert Onboarding Service: This personalized, one-on-one onboarding service is designed to provide expert knowledge and reassurance to help customers set up their crypto cold-storage devices and become comfortable with self-custody solutions.

  • Trezor Keep Metal: Trezor will offer a 20-word version of its Trezor Keep Metal solution from July, which is designed to safeguard wallet backup phrases from fire, water, and physical damage.

Availability and Pricing

  • Trezor Safe 5: The device is priced at $169, with bitcoin-only and Black Graphite versions available for pre-order and shipping in July. Green Beryl and Violet Ore versions will be available by mid-August.

  • Trezor Expert Onboarding Service: The service is priced at $99 and will be available globally seven days a week.

Comparison with Previous Products

  • Trezor Safe 3: The Trezor Safe 3 was launched earlier, featuring a secure element, open-source design, and support for over 7,000 coins and tokens. It also introduced a new secure element and a recovery seed backup solution.

Educational Initiatives

  • Trezor Academy: Trezor has launched the Trezor Academy, a Bitcoin education initiative, which will receive €21 from each sale of the bitcoin-only Trezor Safe 3 model.


Trezor's new products, including the Trezor Safe 5 and the bitcoin-only version, are designed to provide users with a secure and user-friendly platform for managing their digital assets. The company's focus on self-custody and education initiatives aims to empower users to take control of their cryptocurrencies and protect them from centralized exchange risks.