Over 6k Zing Tokens in Stake

mukund123 - 2024-05-20 16:03:57

Hello friends,

I am doing good, and I hope that you are having a good time with your near and dear ones.

I have been trying to have some zing token balance in the game but I was skeptical in the beginning after the game launch. I did not have enough hp so delegation was not the option for me to earn big. I have seen people earning a great amount of zinc tokens through the delegation. The delegation APR was very good in the beginning and people holding a bigger amount of HP were able to grab that opportunity. I was not sure if I would be able to earn that token because of limited resources. I think the game has done pretty good for the community and supported it well by making it available for the community.

They have provided multiple options to choose from or go with many where the community can earn more tokens. Still, the game is not live but if you check the rank you can see how much people are holding in terms of zing token quantity. I think there is always a way out to figure out something and since I was running short of resources but I did not give up. I thought let's follow a different way where I will be buying more than expecting to earn more. Why I did this because I think it is a way where I'm not dependent on anything and I can buy whenever I have liquid amount and price is good.



I am sharing my snapshot of the game account where you can see the token balance. I think it's been more than two months and now I have more than 6k tokens. This amount of token is not a big one but I'm very happy to have it and let me tell you why because I have been trying to have this. This is not the end because I will continue to build up my holding and by each month passing by you will be able to see more numbers getting added. I don't know how these tokens will be used in the game but I am quite interested to see when more update about the game is live. I have played splinterlands and I also hold sps tokens which generate some rewards for me. I hope that following the same pattern there should be some option for token holders in this game. I also think that I am not the only one who is excited about the game because I can see everyone is excited about this game and want to have it as early as possible.

Maybe the developers and team need to work more on the development side to bring the game for the community. I don't know how a game is developed and how it is launched but as a player, I would always expect a fantastic experience and timely launch of the game. This should not be delayed further because after a point people might lose the excitement but I am sure that team will deliver it well on time.

The sale is also expected to happen soon and we will be getting the opportunity to buy some assets. These are going to be some nfts who will be called healers. I don't know how many but surely I will be buying some and we'll see how I can play this game in the best possible way and have some entertaining time on this game while earning some reward also. The game is for fun but here now the game is also going to be combined with some possible rewards so stay excited like me.

Thank you
Peace @mukund123