AEVO Coin | don't miss this chance | Get Free token Of aevo new coin listing on launch pool Binance

mrdani12 - 2024-03-11 05:14:42

Hello community friends !

Greeting from @mrdani12 to all my beautiful friends , Hopefully you guys are doing well .

Today i am sharing some information about the new coin which is going to launch on 12 march , It a good time to buy the stack bnb and when the coin is launch you have better chance to take profit because you have all ready get token before the coin launch .


AEVO is new listing in launch on binance launch pool , every one need to grab this opportunity and stack bnb and get profit , This is the time for stacking BNB to get the early token of this new listing token which is AEVO .

In total, 45,000,000 AEVO tokens have been allocated for the Launchpool, 80 % will be represent by bnb stacker and 20 % will be represented by FDUST . These 2 coin are the popular coin of binance .

AEVO coin are now in farming mod , this pool will be launch on 12 march , Today is 11 march , one day left for getting free token of this launch pool to get much profit .

First when you get the coin from the airdrop , In first hour the price of this coin can be drop but wait never work in hurry , after that the price of this new listing is going to be interesting .


AEVO totally supply is 1 billion , in binance it is going to supply 4.5% which is about 45 million token . AEVO is decentralized exchange which can be use for future and option trading .

Take this opportunity don't miss this chance .

Your best regarded @mrdani12