Christmas time and redemption for cryptocurrency advocates

lupafilotaxia - 2023-12-26 03:01:30

Christmas brings days of hope where mankind concentrates its emotions in this beautiful time of the end of the year, and the Christmas season also implies days of redemption for cryptocurrency advocates.

According to an article uploaded by Prashant Jha to the C ointelegraph portal, "This year, the family Christmas dinner may be less awkward for cryptocurrency advocates who had the difficult task in 2022 of explaining why everything had collapsed around the digital currency ecosystem."

In Jha's words, "there is no better time to be a crypto bro at any family gathering than just before a bullish rally. Topics of discussion can range from cryptocurrency investment tips to what's happening in the regulatory arena."

One of the elements where I agree with Jha, is that certainly in year "2024 could unfold differently, with high-profile institutional giants like BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, looking to invest directly in a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) and retail demand ready to skyrocket at the same time."

In these Christmas days, "Certain investment advice may seem obvious today as the bullish rally approaches, but never forget that the advice could age badly, like those promoting LUNA and rock JPGs during the previous bullish rally"


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