GPT360 - Use of advanced artificial intelligence tools designed to improve user experience within the community.

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Blockchain, NFT, and other Web3 technologies can be used for various industrial needs. For example, NFTs can be used by artists to find new sources of income. Now, some game developers have even implemented Web3 technology into games. This also gave rise to the term Web3 gaming. The term Web3 gaming also covers a lot of things.

Blockchain has applications in supply chains, healthcare, media, advertising, and many others.

GPT360 makes cryptocurrency and blockchain technology easy to understand, use and enjoy. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore this fascinating world without wanting to. Empowering the owner and user community. Through Chaterium's innovative Network-enabled system, users are incentivized to actively participate, encouraging engagement and knowledge sharing.

GPT360 provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and advertising services. Through its website and various resources, GPT360 helps project owners reach a wider audience, engage potential users, and promote their projects effectively. This attracts newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency but also fosters a sense of belonging and collaboration within the community.


What is GPT360?

GPT360 is a pioneering platform that is at the forefront of integrating the dynamic world of Web3 with the expansive reach of Web2. At its core, GPT360 is designed to function as a super application, offering an extensive set of tools and features that meet the diverse needs of Web3 project owners and enthusiasts.

GPT360 is an AI-powered platform that redefines marketing and community engagement in the digital age. With its comprehensive set of features, including the AI Marketing Plan Builder, AI Token Trend Indicator, AI Project Analytics, AI Moderation Chatbot, and the Chaterium Network, GPT360 empowers users to optimize their marketing strategies, make informed investment decisions, and create thriving online communities. GPT360 is designed to serve as a superApp, offering an extensive suite of tools and features that cater to the diverse needs of Web3 project owners and enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies by providing innovative solutions for marketing, community engagement, and networking. By combining the power of AI with blockchain technology, GPT360 unlocks new opportunities for growth, engagement, and incentivized participation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the emergence of Web3 has brought forth a new era of decentralization, transparency, and innovation. At the forefront of this digital revolution stands GPT360, a pioneering platform that seamlessly integrates the dynamic world of Web3 with the expansive reach of Web2. With a vision to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, GPT360 serves as a groundbreaking superApp, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features tailored to meet the diverse needs of Web3 project owners and enthusiasts.

What Makes GPT360 Special?

Chaterium Network – Your Digital Community Playground
You join a community where chatting not only connects you with like-minded people but also earns you rewards. It's like hanging out with friends and getting bonuses just for being active.

AI Tools – Your Personal Crypto Assistant
Their AI-powered tools (AI Tools) keep you in the loop with the latest cryptocurrency news and ensure that conversations stay friendly and engaging. Think of it as having a helpful sidekick who keeps things running smoothly.

Affiliate Networking Hub – Your Gateway to Connections
Finding the right partners and collaborators shouldn't be a hassle. Their networking hub simplifies the process, making it easy for startups and projects to find each other and grow together. It's like attending a digital networking event with all the right connections at your fingertips.

Marketing and Advertisement Services – Your Path to Visibility
Getting your project noticed shouldn't be a headache. They help you create effective marketing strategies that reach your target audience and get them excited about what you have to offer. It's like having a marketing team that knows exactly how to get your message across.

GPT360 Features

GPT360's main feature is the use of advanced artificial intelligence tools designed to improve the user experience within the community. The #AI Crypto News tool curates and delivers personalized cryptocurrency news, providing the community with information on the latest industry developments. Meanwhile, the AI Chatbot Moderator acts as an advanced chat moderator, promoting positive behavior through a karma system and maintaining a respectful and engaging environment for all participants.

Recognizing the challenges startups face in building meaningful connections, GPT360 offers an Affiliate Networking Hub. The platform simplifies the networking process, facilitating efficient collaboration between startups, projects and intermediaries. By centralizing network and transaction processes, GPT360 removes traditional barriers, providing a transparent, secure, and efficient solution for network interactions.

In addition to these revolutionary capabilities, GPT360 provides a complete suite of marketing and advertising services. Through its website and various resources, GPT360 helps project owners in expanding their audience, attracting potential users, and promoting their projects effectively.

However, what sets GPT360 apart is the innovative “Chat and Earn” concept embedded in the Chaterium Network. This feature allows communities to increase their visibility and strengthen engagement. By using them on dedicated web pages, community metrics can be easily tracked, providing valuable insight into engagement trends and participant interests.

Combining this visibility with detailed analytics gives community owners the tools necessary to adjust strategy and maintain an active, dynamic community. Additionally, the Chaterium Network serves as a platform for exploring and participating in various communities, expanding the reach and influence of each community. By integrating this protocol into the community.

GPT360 allows users to earn rewards for active participation in online conversations on platforms such as # Telegram and # Discord.

This not only attracts Web2 users to explore and engage in the cryptocurrency community, but also serves as a valuable educational platform for each participant.

Through practical experience, users learn the basics, such as wallet connections, understanding gas fees, and more, uncovering the complexities of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

For users, this is a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of Web3, collection in their favorite messengers and get USDT directly to their wallets for organic communication, because each message is assigned an imbalance. For community owners, this is an opportunity to significantly increase discussion activity and attract new audiences to their projects. A particularly interesting aspect is the ability to launch any campaign, be it Galxy, Zealy, TaskOn or QuestN, while leveraging the innovative GPT360 product - Chaterium Network. This not only converts inactive users into active users but also attracts potential investors.

All a community owner needs to do is register, enter a prize pool in USDT for user rewards, set the price for 1 organic message, and entrust the verification process to GPT360 AI. After that, they can inform their users about this unique opportunity. In just a few steps, communities can scale organic communications from a few dozen messages a day to thousands.

In essence, GPT360 represents a complete ecosystem that aims to increase engagement, drive adoption, and facilitate collaboration in the cryptocurrency domain and digital community. By combining innovative features with a user-centric approach, GPT360 is poised to change the way we interact with and understand #Web3 technologies.

Token Use cases

The GPT360 token offers a range of valuable use cases for both users and investors within the ecosystem:

  • NFT Upgrading, Leveling, and Repairing: Users can utilize the GPT360 token to upgrade, level up, or repair their NFTs. This functionality is crucial for the Chaterium feature, ensuring the optimal performance and functionality of NFTs within decentralized communities.

  • Subscription for Chat Moderation AI Bot: Users can subscribe to the chat moderation AI bot using GPT360 tokens. This feature enhances the community management aspect of Chaterium by providing automated and efficient moderation services within messaging platforms like Discord and Telegram.

  • Battle Pass users and community owners will require GPT360 tokens to access and utilize the Battle Pass features. Community owners must also utilize GPT360 tokens to create tasks within the Battle Pass and contribute to the prize pool for these tasks' rewards. Users are required to make a one-time payment in GPT360 tokens to gain access to the season's Battle Pass.

  • Creating a Sprint event within the community will necessitate community owners to pay the creation fee in GPT360 tokens. This fee ensures the quality of Sprint events and helps cover platform costs

  • User Subscriptions for Chaterium Chat&Earn Feature: Users can subscribe to the Chaterium Chat&Earn feature using GPT360 tokens. This subscription provides an opportunity for users to earn rewards within decentralized communities even without owning an NFT. However, the gain rates may be lower compared to NFT holders, and certain specific features unlocked by NFT ownership may not be accessible.

  • Staking: Investors can stake their GPT360 tokens to earn passive income. Staking provides a mechanism for token holders to support the network's security and stability while earning rewards based on the amount of tokens staked.

  • DAO Voting: Token holders have the opportunity to participate in decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance by using their GPT360 tokens for voting on important decisions, such as platform upgrades, feature enhancements, and community initiatives.

  • In Affiliate Hub, the use of GPT360 tokens presents a dynamic opportunity for project owners to enhance their visibility and attract new partners. By leveraging GPT360 tokens, project owners can increase their chances of securing partnerships and stand out in the competitive affiliate landscape.

GPT360 Token

The GPT360 Token’s Unleashed Potential: A Journey into Tokenomics
Introducing $G360, a state-of-the-art BEP20 coin, GPT360 aims to transform the user experience and encourage dynamic engagement. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, this cryptocurrency has a total supply of 500,000,000. The goal of GPT360 is to use the strength of $G360 to propel the expansion and improvement of its ecosystem. Briefly, these are the features of $G360:

Token info

Ticker: G360
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 G360 = 0.008 USD

Token distribution

Seed Round: 6.00%
Private Round: 4.50%
KOLs: 2.67%
Team: 10.00%
Development: 9.00%
Advisors: 4.00%
Marketing: 10.00%
Airdrop: 0.50%
Rewards: 12.00%
Ecosystem Activities: 20.00%
Liquidity : 10.00%
Public Sale: 11.33%

GPT360 Roadmap

Q1 2022
Development of Chaterium Protocol begins.

Q2 2022
Initial tests and implementation of Chaterium Protocol in Telegram.

Q3 2022
Development of Discord integration starts.

Q4 2022
Completion of Discord integration.
Overall ecosystem improvements.

Q1 2023
Launching Testnet for Chaterium feature.
Increasing awareness and introducing the leaderboard.

Q2 2023
Onboarding online communities.
Establishing media partnerships.
More than 1000 participants on the testnet.
Forming strategic partnerships.

Q3 2023
Development of a new roadmap.
GPT360 branding initiatives.
Forming strategic partnerships.
Leaderboard release

Q4 2023
Blog Release
Project/community owner Admin panel release
Ambassador program initiation
Custom Events product release
Protocol integrations and promotion sales launch

Q1 2024
Launching GPT360 bot public Ads
In-bot advertisements and statistics
Launching GPT360 on-site banner promotions
Establishing Revenue Streams

Q2 2024
Extended Community Dashboard Analytics
Custom Events upgrade to multi-chain

Q3 2024
Affiliate Networking Hub BETA Release
Battlepass Release

Q4 2024
Implementation of DAO governance
X Raids feature release

Q1 2025
Custom Sprints Feature release
Deployment of the AI Moderation Chatbot

Q2 2025:
Affiliate Networking Hub Full Version Update
User Subscriptions functionality
Launch of the AI Crypto News feature

Q3 2025
Development of a new roadmap to outline future milestones and goals

## Conclusion

GPT360 represents a new paradigm in the integration of Web3 technologies, offering a holistic and user-centric approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. With a focus on empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation, GPT360 is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with digital assets and decentralized applications. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of Web3 and empower individuals to take control of their digital destinies.

Team & Advisors

Nikita K: CEO & Founder
Viktor L: CTO & Co-founder
Artjom L: UX/UI Lead & Co-founder
Anton S: CMO
Yuri S: Lead Back-End Developer
Yulia P: Lead Front-End Developer
Albina G: Art Director
Vladimir: Co-founder, CEO at Blockchain Cuties Universe
Paul Farhi: Founder & CEO at Solidus AI Tech
Blacktokenomics: Tokenomics Audit
Michael Gord: Co-Founder & CEO @ GDA Capital


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