Yes, is Paying! Website Review and Proof

kodi5 - 2024-05-11 08:18:33

If you just heard about you may be wondering if the website is a scam or is it legit and paying?

The answer is that is completely legit and paying website. There are multiple proof screenshots, videos and reviews that can be found online (YouTube, forums, Telegram, reviews platforms like Trustpilot, etc.). is a platform that enables you to earn passive income by operating a free robot farm that generates cryptocurrency in the background. withdrawal screenshot.png withdrawal TRX proof screenshot.jpg

Please have in mind that this website is relatively new and there are other similarly named websites, which have negative reviews. However, is totally legit and should not be mistaken as other untrustworthy platforms. legit review.png not a scam.png review paying.png

To reach a withdrawal, all you need to do is launch free bots in your farm and leave them working for you. Then come back to collect your earnings, rinse and repeat. For significant growth, invite more referrals to increase your farm’s capacity, allowing you to launch multiple robots simultaneously.

To enhance earnings:

  • Upgrade your farm early on. Upgrades include extending bot operating times, increasing hourly earning rates, and reducing launch costs.

  • Earn additional Energy points by inviting referrals, completing tasks and surveys, and claiming free points hourly.

Withdraw your earnings by selecting your preferred cryptocurrency and entering your wallet address in the Withdrawals section.

As you can see, at the moment is paying. The website is confirmed as legit.