Bitget App Annual report (Recap): Giving users a seemless journey of their performance.

kizozo - 2023-12-25 13:47:27

While researching about how top guns in the crypto industry were able to achieve significant success, I discovered it wasn't by accident but by careful and calculated effort.

One of the things I found out was that successful traders and investors don't joke with data either previous data or current ones because this are yardsticks they use to analyze the pattern of future occurrence.

While going through my Bitget app, I was impressed to see am able to review my trades for the year 2023 and also qualified for a lucky draw event. This review helped me to review my performance as a spot trader and gave me all the details including my total trading volume and ROI. I think this initiative is a step in the right direction towards giving users valuable information in order to position themselves for the journey ahead. What's your assessment of the Bitget annual report (recap)? What aspect do you think needs improvement? Let's discuss.