What is Pepe coin?

investing08 - 2024-03-22 15:48:06

*Pepe coin is a mene coin. It is based basically based on the popular pepe of frog meme. It is a digital cryptocurrency which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

*Pepe coin is the top meme based cryptocurrency. It is an ERC-20 token which runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it is secured by the proof of stake (POS) consensus mechanism.

*Pepe coin reached the same bench mark as doge coin in just three week from its launch which doge coin took almost 4 years.

Founder of Pepe coin

*As of now 2024 march founder of pepe coin no one knows about them its very common in crypto currency market but there is a team behind this project is scarce.

Circulation of Pepe coin

*Pepe coin has the maximum total supply of 420.69T Pepe tokens from which 420.69T tokens are circulating in market with ranking of 39th among other crypto currency with market cap of 3.25B.

Where you can buy Pepe coin

*As of now if anybody wants to invest in Pepe coin they can invest in many exchanges like -Binance, Bybit, OKX, HTX, KuCoin. and Kraken.
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Technical and Future of Pepe coin

*So there is a trending coin Pepeusdt many of them want to know where can we buy it again and earn good profit.

*As I have shown below in my chart when pepeusdt went up in 2023 it left the liquidity at the level of 60 and an order block at level of 81.

*after going up pepeusdt come down at it's level of pending liquidity and order block and before going up and making new all time high it fill that order block and liquidity.

*So as per now there is and order block at level of 279 and 161 if it break the call down than it will first come to 279 level and if 279 level also rejected that it will go to 161 level .

*There is a liquidity level left at 60 level. It will come down to that level in next 2-3 months.

*If anybody wants to invest in pepeusdt just wait for its right time to entry and you can just earn 50-100x profit in this halving period.