Work X: the first decentralized job economy empowering both talent and employers without commercial fees

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About Work X


Work X is the first decentralized job economy that allows people to collaborate without commercial middlemen like UpWork or Indeed, enabling AI Job matching empowering both talent and employers without the need to possess Web3 knowledge. As the Work X Genesis NFT will be the most limited NFT we will every release with a supply of only 999, it is essential for us to create a whitelist system which is exclusive but also fair. Instead of 30x oversubscribing the WL, we have decided to reward core contributors only. The Internet of Jobs - The first fully decentralized job economy without middlemen taking fees up to 40% - The future of work is P2P!

Anticipating the Future with Work X


The synergistic collaboration of Work X, TEN, and Whyz is grounded in mutual aspirations and shared objectives. With Work X’s tech-forward platform and the robust nexus of TEN and Whyz, the tripartite partnership is poised to usher in a renaissance in recruitment and leadership strategies. By intertwining futuristic technology and visionary leadership, this partnership is anticipated to foster a systematic, efficient, and advantageous framework for global organizations and professionals.

The Progressive Achievements so far


  • Launching Enterprise Clients

  • Funded by European Commission

  • Raised 3M USD — Runway: 36 months

  • 10+ Hackathon prizes (Aave, 1inch, WalletConnect, VeChain & more)

  • Working product utilizing AI Assistant — Team building since 2017

  • 50+ Corporates planning to use Work X

Work X’s Paradigm-Shifting Features


Work X, the keyword synonymous with recruitment innovation, offers a bevy of features:

  • Generative AI-Assistant: An AI-driven tool by Work X that tailors job descriptions and enriches talent profiles to perfection.

  • Decentralized Identity: A feature exclusive to Work X, it empowers candidates by giving them dominion over their professional data.

  • Peer-to-Peer Collaboration: Work X’s groundbreaking fee model guarantees competitive payouts for talents and minimal service fees for corporations.

  • Verified References: Work X assures businesses of the veracity of candidates’ skills and experience.

  • Unbiased Hiring: Work X’s sophisticated algorithms ensure candidate-employer alignments based on genuine performance metrics.

Assessing Competencies in Light of Tomorrow’s Workforce Needs


A candidate’s academic performance in college, as shown by their grades and degrees, has traditionally been regarded as the single most essential factor employers consider when making hiring decisions. The educational qualifications of a candidate reveal a great deal about them, but they are not a reliable indicator of their real knowledge and abilities. People’s abilities, features, and preferences may be measured in ever-greater detail thanks to the proliferation of individualized assessment methods[9]. These points of measurement are what we refer to as ‘indicators’ of how well work is being done. In order to determine the most suitable pairing between the organizations that are seeking new talent and the individuals who are seeking new teams, we will first measure the teams that are searching for new talent and then measure the individuals who are seeking new teams. By doing so, we will reduce the number of mismatches that occur in the labor market and guarantee the appropriate distribution of talent everywhere.

Who Owns the Data?


People have lost control not just over their data but also over their professions and the progression of their own personal lives. In the early days of the internet, the value of data was severely underestimated by most people. Big technology businesses that concentrated on data were able to benefit from this, and they built a new business model with free services in return for the personal data of the user. These companies include Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. People are slowly starting to come to the realization that they need to recover control over their personal data, as well as their education and growth, since it may be used against them. This is happening at a time when technology is rapidly advancing. Work X presents a remedy for this challenge, while also investigating a potential answer to the more widespread data-related issue.


Throughout history, businesses have traditionally been particularly reluctant to share their data with other businesses out of concern for their customers’ privacy and, ultimately, the risk of losing their competitive edge. This severely hinders their capacity to acquire useful information and develop an accurate artificial intelligence. We have a firm belief that people should have access to their own personal data. We regard this as a win-win situation for both individuals and businesses, as well as the road to both equitable economic success and personal achievement.


Work X is introducing an innovative solution designed to prepare employers for the jobs of tomorrow. This article deep dives into how Work X, available in Beta at, offers groundbreaking tools for organizations like APG.



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