After Last Season of Splinterlands - Completed in Champion II

chorock - 2024-06-15 20:19:48

Today was the last day of the last season of Splinterlands. I completed this season again in Champion II. This is one my the best season after 2 years. This is my 2nd seasoon I completed in Champion II in this year. I have never completed in Champion II League since 2022. I tried so much and I bought lots of Glint to play more battle to League up and ı achieved it! I hope I will reach Champion I League in next season! I think that I will complete in Champion I in next season..

My win rate is worse than in this season. The game is getting harder. I hope more player will join this game and the game will be harder!

I got more than 135K Glints. I bought 3x Legendary Draws, 20x Ultimate Chests and 10x Gladius Cards. I opened them. Here you can see my rewards analysis..

This is my 2x Legendary Draws. I could get better rewards.. I did not need these Legendary Cards..


20x Ultimate Chests. I could get better rewards.. I got lots of potions..


After I got lots of Merits, I bought 10x Gladius Packs and I opened them. These are my Gladius Cards. I powered up some of these cards. My team is getting powerful..


Last season I played 387 battles and I got 202
wins. My win rate was 52,1%…

My statistics and rewards are up in last season..

I hope next season will be better!!

We will see…