9/10 Weekly Green Candles on Bitcoin Price Chart

chorock - 2023-12-25 19:43:09

Last week is 9th week of green candles in last 10 week of Bitcoin price chart. It was a record for Bitcoin. We have never seen this series until 2013.. Bitcoin's last series was for 8/9. It was in at the end of 2020. After this series Bitcoin pumped more than 2x…

Here you can see weekly chart of Bitcoin. I circled the series. Even It is the beginnign of this week, there is still a green weekly candle! Will this series continue as 10/11?

The end of trend is coming soon. Here you can see the indicators of weekly chart of Bitcoin. Fisher Indicator roketed to sky.. It is at the heighest level.. MACD Indicator is also losing power for 3 weeks…

If these indicaotors reverses, we will enter midterm bearish trend.. The beginning of Januart will be critical time for Bitcoin and crypto. There are lots of major news. Good new may support Bitcoin price as 2020. We may see same move..

If not, we will enter mid-term bearish trend!

This scenarios is possible for 50%. I hope Bitcoin price enter downtrend. It will be great time to pick up from discounted price..

We will see..