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arsalaan - 2023-12-25 19:25:57

Hello and welcome to everyone at the Tron fan club. Today we take a look at TRX and its price movements. Very recently the market has been relatively stable and is actually gaining some pace. Trx has been following the mass trend and the result is reflected in the chart. And as usual, we start from a week ago.

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TRX was doing fine in the previous weeks, although recently it went down to some extent, resulting in what we're seeing in the chart's beginning. TRX traded at 0.101$ at the beginning of our latest 7-day count. A few hours into it, we saw TRX go for its lowest valuation of the week, touching 0.100$. on paper, this is insignificant. But when buying the token, these small margins do add up. After quickly recovering, TRX pushed to 0.105$. it tried to break the resistance at that point.


As we can see TRX tried a couple of times to break into the upper 0.105$ area. But was denied the opportunity. All the while the 0.104$ margin acted as a nice buffer for TRX to keep pushing. In the third attempt, it successfully broke through 0.105$ and continued its way up. Ultimately hitting the 0.107$ margin, a place where TRX is yet to be habituated.


Towards the end and the top right corner, we see TRX being very volatile, compared to how it has fared till now. The emphasis is that TRX is surviving a fall relying on the 0.106$ support, while it tries to break through 0.108$.

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My prediction is that we break the resistance level after a little bit of consolidating. Taking the whole performance of TRX into account, I believe that achieving this valuation is very much possible. And the general uptrend for TRX will continue.

**No words from this article should be taken as financial advice.**

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