Andrew Tate and Iggy Azalea parodied in Beeple’s artwork

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Josh O"Sullivan13 hours agoAndrew Tate and Iggy Azalea parodied in Beeple’s artworkBeeple unveils “Mother and Daddy (2024),” blending digital finance and celebrity culture, featuring Iggy Azalea and Andrew Tate.2049 Total views9 Total sharesListen to article 0:00NewsOwn this piece of crypto historyCollect this article as NFTJoin us on social networksBeeple, a renowned digital artist in the crypto space, has revealed his latest artwork, “Mother and Daddy (2024),” amid the flurry of celebrity memecoin launches.

This latest piece is a modern reimagining of Grant Wood’s iconic “American Gothic” and features the controversial figures Iggy Azalea and Andrew Tate. 

The development follows the creation of the Tate-inspired memecoin Daddy Tate (DADDY) in response to Azalea’s Mother Iggy (MOTHER) memecoin.Source: Andrew Tate

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In “Mother and Daddy (2024),” Beeple juxtaposes agrarian simplicity with digital finance and celebrity culture symbolism.

A detailed white paper accompanying the portrayal of Tate and Azalea, adorned with green stock market candles and Solana tattoos, emphasizes the artwork’s conceptual depth.“The choice of Tate and Azalea, foreigners leveraging American platforms for influence, underscores the globalization of American capital ideals. Their involvement in memecoins exemplifies how digital finance transcends borders, fostering economic instability and risk for many.” The Mother and Daddy (2024) white paper by Beeple detailing the artwork’s conceptualization of the evolution of American capitalism. Source: Beeple

According to a responding X user, the white paper is alleged to have been 100% written by artificial intelligence, adding an extra layer to the parody.

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American rapper Gazzy Garcia, known as Lil Pump, posted on Instagram on June 14, revealing what looked to be a tattoo of the Solana blockchain platform logo on his forehead.

Garcia claimed to have sold his Solana (SOL) tokens in the post, asking his 14 million followers for their opinion on his new tattoo. He stated, “Like my new tats? I sold my SOL.”

Lil Pump’s social media reveal is mirrored in Beeple’s latest work, featuring Solana forehead tattoos on both Tate and Azalea.Source: beeple

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Hunter Biden, United States President Joe Biden’s son, was recently found guilty on three charges in a federal gun case, sparking a brief surge in Biden-themed Solana memecoins.

One of these memecoins, Jeo Boden (BODEN), saw a 26% spike in the five hours post-verdict on June 11.

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