Ex-Florida congressman joins Coinbase Global Advisory Council

News Feed - 2024-05-21 06:05:55

Turner Wright2 hours agoEx-Florida congressman joins Coinbase Global Advisory CouncilStephanie Murphy, Tim Ryan, and Pat Toomey — all former U.S. lawmakers — are on the council advising Coinbase on regulatory matters.1080 Total views1 Total sharesListen to article 0:00NewsOwn this piece of crypto historyCollect this article as NFTJoin us on social networksKendrick Meek, previously serving as the House Representative for Florida"s 17th congressional district, has joined cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s council to address the digital asset regulatory landscape.

In a May 20 X post, Coinbase Chief Policy Officer Faryar Shirzad said Meek had joined the exchange’s Global Advisory Council as part of efforts to “updat[e] the system” governing digital assets in the United States. The former Florida congressman served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2003 to 2011 and was a member of the Committee on Ways and Means, which has jurisdiction over taxes.

According to a report from The Hill, Meek spoke in favor of digital assets as they “offer new opportunities to address the systemic issues that have plagued our financial system.” He will join other former U.S. lawmakers on the council, including Stephanie Murphy, Tim Ryan and Pat Toomey. Cointelegraph reached out to Meek for comment but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

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Coinbase established the advisory council in May 2023 to navigate the “increasingly complex and evolving” crypto landscape globally. The firm currently faces a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Coinbase is also involved in the 2024 election season through its Stand With Crypto initiative, aiming to encourage U.S. voters to support crypto-focused lawmakers.

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